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Turbosmart V2 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Never Ending Details



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$ 184.49

Turbosmart is once again providing a solution for performance enthusiasts wanting a product that not only meets but surpasses the needs of a modern fuel system.

The relentless pursuit of power and high boost pressure has, over the last few years, seen an increase in base fuel pressures. Made possible by the emergence of new engine technologies, these high base fuel pressures have been putting the current crop of Fuel Pressure Regulators under increasing strain.

Always at the cutting edge of new technology, Turbosmart have addressed this by releasing a V2 range of Fuel Pressure Regulators, specifically designed for modern day high performance systems.

The new FPR-800v2 and FPR-1200v2 combine the high performance 1:1 ratio features of our the top- end, race application FPR-2000 and 3000 models with the day-to-day requirements of street tuned performance vehicles.

Features and Benefits

• New valve and seat design. (helps maintaining 1:1 ratio at high base pressure)
• Greater sealing properties (better fuel delivery for engine start-ups)
• Billet construction
• 30-70psi base pressure adjustment
• 1:1 ratio
• Suitable for a wide range of fuels including methanol and E85
• Available in either Blue or Black
• Large range of hose fittings, fuel rail adapters and spare parts available


FPR-800V2: Ideal for modified street cars with up to 800hp fuel systems.
FPR-1200V2: Ideal for modified street or race cars with up to 1200hp fuel systems.

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