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Skunk2 Ultra Series Lower Control Arms - Acura (Integra) - Never Ending Details



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$ 289.99

Skunk2 is proud to announce the release of its Ultra Series Lower Control Arms for the ’88-’95 Civic/ CRX and ’90-’01 Integra. The Ultra Series LCA’s are based off of the same technology the company’s been using in its own race cars for more than a decade and are a must-have for enthusiast looking to fine-tune their suspension for maximum handling performance while keeping budget in mind.

Skunk2’s Rear Lower Control Arms are direct replacements, maintain OEM suspension geometry, and are ideal for street and race applications. Each arm is forged from 7075-T6 billet aluminum then CNC machined to a precision fit and finish. While previous Skunk2 LCA’s were 25 percent lighter than OEM, the Ultra LCA’s are 19% lighter than the previous Skunk2 LCA’s. This will essentially make the Ultra LCA’s 44 percent lighter than OEM arms and 27 percent stronger than previous versions.

Skunk2s’s Ultra LCA’s now feature high load steel spherical bearings for the trailing arm side in order to maintain accurate suspension geometry under aggressive driving conditions. On the sub frame side Tuned durometer elastomeric bushings were chosen to damp out harshness and jarring. Derlin shock bushings are utilized for their low friction with minimal deflection for dynamic shock control. Ultra LCA’s elastomeric sub frame bushings are swappable for a spherical bearing for race level handling. The sub frame side is already conveniently grooved for adding a spherical bearing. The spherical bearing option is not included but may be purchased separately. Properly designed suspension components must be strong and functional first and aesthetically pleasing second. Skunk2’s Rear Lower Control Arms are both. For maximum suspension performance, Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms are best complemented with Skunk2 Rear Camber Kits, Lower Arm Bars, and Strut Tower Bars.

Features and Benefits

- Forged 7075-T6 billet Aluminum
- CNC machined to a precise fit and finish
- 19% lighter than previous Skunk2 LCA’s
- 44% lighter than OEM arms
- 27% stronger
- Spherical Bearing option
- Tuned durometer Elastomeric bushings to damp out harshness
- Delrin shock bushings for low friction w/minimal deflection for dynamic shock control

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