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Pentosin Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid - Never Ending Details



Part #:

$ 10.66

Super Dot4: 1204114
Size: 0.50 liter
Color: Light Yellow
Boiling Point: 265C (509F)
Wet Boiling Point: 165C (329F)

Corrosion Resistant Universal Brake Fluid

Pentosin Super DOT 4 is a brake fluid of superior quality for universal use in modern brake systems and ideal for vehicles with ABS systems. Pentosin Super DOT 4 offers safety against vapor lock; it has excellent resistance to absorbing and retaining water and provides superior corrosion resistance.

Pentosin Brake Fluids exceed DOT standards, delivering one of the most versatile programs on the market. This OE-quality line of technical fluid offers a high safety margin against vapor lock, long-term resistance to water absorption and water retention, plus a superior corrosion resistance.

Used by leading automotive manufacturers as first fill, as well as service refill, Pentosin Brake Fluids are especially suited for use in vehicles with ABS (anti-lock braking systems). With Pentosin Brake Fluid under the hood, service technicians have peace of mind knowing they are working with the highest-quality product available, while drivers enjoy increased safety and reliability.

NOTE: Low viscosity brake fluid can be used in vehicles that do not require a low viscosity fluid; however, standard DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid should not be used for top off in vehicles that require a low viscosity brake fluid. This action will reduce the low temperature properties and decrease the safety performance of the fluid.


  • Audi (up to 2005)
  • BMW (up to 2003)
  • Jaguar (all years)
  • Land Rover (all years)
  • Mercedes-Benz (all years)
  • Porsche (all years)
  • Volvo (all years)
  • Volkswagen (up to 2005)

Warranty Information
Pentosin products are all API and SAE approved with the latest certifications. Using the correct application of Pentosin product will not void the vehicle's factory warranty.

Founded in 1927 in Hamburg, Germany, Deutsche Pentosin-Werke GmbH is globally recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of synthetic and mineral oil-based fluids for the automotive industry.

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