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Radium Engineering MULTIPUMP REGULATOR, GREEN TOP - Never Ending Details



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$ 208.95

Radium Engineering has recently announced an all new universal adjustable fuel pressure regulator (AFPR) for high performance vehicles. 

The AFPR is CNC machined aluminum which is anodized black and laser engraved. Instead of tapered pipe threads, the unit design includes 5 ports that are O-ring sealed.The arrangement of the AFPR ports are different than any other regulator. Radium took the return port (which is usually mounted on the bottom of most regulators) and converted it into a "return chamber" that runs in-line with the high pressure ports. The chamber is threaded at each end for 9/16"-18 (-6AN). This allows the regulator to be easily floor mounted, such as in a trunk near a surge tank, without any 90 degree hose-end fittings. The installer can choose to connect the return line to either end of the return chamber making the AFPR suitable for their installation. Unless there is a need to use two -6AN return hoses, the opposite end is blocked off using the included plug(s). 

The high pressure ports on the AFPR are also unique. Most regulators have single ports on opposing sides. This is not always helpful when working with multiple fuel pump lines. The Radium AFPR is configured with 3 high pressure ports; two 9/16"-18 (-6AN) and one 3/4"-16 (-8AN). 

The AFPR also features a unique interchangeable return port that accepts 3 different ID orifices. This allows 1 regulator to work with a wide range of fuel systems. The AFPR has been tested using ranges from low flow OEM pumps to multiple fuel pumps delivering over 1400LPH of fuel flow. This means the AFPR can be used in virtually any fuel injection application. All that is required is a simple swap of the included orifices (0.10in, 0.18in, 0.25in). 

Features and Benefits 

- Black Anodized Finish 
- Multiple Mounting Options 
- O-Rings On All Ports For Leak Free Use 
- (3) High Pressure Ports 
- AN Fittings 
- Interchangeable Return Port 
- Compatible With Almost Any Fuel System 
- High Flow 
- Mounting Bracket and Hardware Included 
- Made in USA 
- Lifetime Warranty

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