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Motul 8100 Eco-lite Synthetic 0w20 Motor Oil - 1 Liter - Never Ending Details



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Motul 8100 Eco-lite Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil is 100% synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Fuel Economy lubricant with low viscosity for the latest generation of gasoline engines.

  • Catalytic converter friendly.
  • These oils may be unsuitable for use in some engines. Refer to the owner manual or handbook if in doubt
  • Back compatibility of new API SM standard over API SL requirements and former API standards.
  • API SM lubricants provide outstanding oxidation resistance, better anti deposits protection, better engine cleanliness, anti wear protection and enhanced performance at cold temperature during all oil life span.
  • 0W-20 grade minimize oil hydrodynamic friction, allows fuel economy specially when oil is cold.
  • Improves oil flow at start up, faster oil pressure build up, faster revs and reach operating temperature faster.
  • Environment friendly, those oils allow fuel consumption reduction and then minimize green house gases emissions.

Increased Fuel Economy
Fuel economy engine oil specially designed for recent cars, powered with gasoline engines, designed to use oil with low friction, very low HTHS viscosity (= 2.60 mPa.s) and Mid SAPS reduced content of sulphated ash, phosphorus (0.06 = x = 0.08%) and sulphur (= 0.5%).


Warranty Information
Motul products are all API and SAE approved with the latest certifications. Using the correct application of Motul product will not void the vehicle's factory warranty.

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