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Koyo Racing Radiator - Datsun (240Z / 260Z / 280Z) - Never Ending Details



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$ 349.99

R SERIES 53mm Core Thickness 

Built with a robust 53mm core, the R-Core Series is engineered for the serious performance tuner. Increased capacity means better cooling reserve when you need it. Intended for both circuit and daily use, you may double your coolant capacity and see up to 35% increased performance over the factory radiator. Unless noted otherwise, all Koyorad R-Series All Aluminum Radiators are Nocolok brazed, designed as a factory fit, direct bolt in with no engine modifications necessary, and retain mounts for the stock fan shrouds and fans.

Koyo is a Japanese company established in July of 1956 as Ejiri Radiator in Nagoya, Japan (Aichi Prefecture) as a radiator repair shop. 

In 1970, Ejiri Radiator was renamed to Koyo Radiator Manufacturing and began expanding to branches all over Japan. Officially launched in 1999 in Japan, Koyorad Racing Radiators soon made a presence in Japan's ever popular racing scene. Koyorad Racing Radiators soon became synonymous with Koyo's High Quality Aftermarket Radiators. As Koyorad Racing Radiators grew in reputation for quality and performance, so did the company's desire to expand. 

Koyo uses only Japanese made equipment and sources only the finest Aluminum when producing their radiators. Superior quality in materials is what gives Koyorad's Racing Radiators its reputation for performance and reliability. 

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