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King Performance Main Bearing Set - Subaru (WRX) - Never Ending Details



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$ 61.25

EJ20/EJ22/EJ25 (For Thrust in #5 Position)

Today’s race engines make more power than ever before. Yesterday’s engine bearing load capacity no longer works today, and tomorrow’s race engines will be even more powerful. There's a need to meet these demands with higher bearing design standards and improved materials. 

King Racing’s XP series of rod and main bearings was developed to meet these challenges through technologically advanced geometrical features and a unique metal structure. Together, they drive the industry to a new level of durability and performance.

pMAX Black is King Racing's unique tri-metal structure developed to meet the ongoing demand for increased engine bearing load capacity. The intermediate layer of a typical race bearing contains 2-3% tin, with hardness values of 90-95 HV. Within the pMax Black™ intermediate layer, King increased the tin content to 4.5%, making it 22% harder at 115 HV, with a load carrying capacity of 17000 psi. The overlay of a typical high performance bearing features a leaded alloy that contains 2-3% copper content. The bearing ‘reaches a hardness level of 11-11.5 HV, and a maximum fatigue resistance at 8000-8500 psi.

King’s pMax Black™ overlay is significantly stronger than conventional overlays due to its 5% copper content and an innovative nano-scaled hardening process.


  • 24% stronger overlay
  • 17% more fatigue resistance
  • SecureBond™: A micro - etch process that improves multi - layer adhesion and structural integrity
  • Compatible with all crankshafts

King's U-Groove oil groove design offers a 90-degree groove shape.  U-Groove™ increases bearing load capacity by expanding the effective surface area, while keeping oil flow capacity intact. 


  • Better load distribution across the bearing surface
  • More stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime
  • Greater bearing durability at high RPM

Bull's Eye Tolerance™ sets new standards in bearing thickness consistency. It outperforms the industry's wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation.


  • No more purchasing multiple sets or “fishing” for bearings to reach the right clearance
  • No need to grind cranks “fat” or “thin” 
  • No need to adjust housing diameter 
  • Less taper across the bearing face

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