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GrimmSpeed Lightweight Battery Mount Kit - Subaru (WRX / STI) - Never Ending Details



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GrimmSpeed is excited to announce the release of our Lightweight Battery Mount Kit for the 08-18 Subaru WRX and STI. Given the success of The GrimmSpeed Lightweight Battery Mount Kit for the Ford Focus RS we knew that it was the right time to introduce an option for our Subaru enthusiasts.

Kits like these are an excellent and inexpensive way to remove substantial weight from your Subaru, which has an OEM battery tipping the scales at 34 lbs. The GrimmSpeed Subaru Lightweight Battery Kit shaves 19 lbs from the front of your vehicle and is a simple, straight-forward installation with no cutting/drilling into the body required. The lightweight battery tray design features 3 mounting points that will hold the tray and the battery securely in place.

Until now, mounting one of these lightweight batteries into a car required fabricating your own mounting bracket system. There is a wide range of universal battery mounting kits out there, but nothing specifically designed to fit your Subaru WRX or STI. Our Lightweight Battery Mount Kit features a direct fit design with all necessary holes and mounting hardware included.

Quick Specs

    • Laser cut, CNC Bent steel bracket
    • Durable black texture powdercoat
    • Utilizes Odyssey PC680 Battery (or anything of similar size)
    • Knocks off 55% of weight compared to OEM Battery
    • No permanent modification necessary for install.
    • Easy install and removal

The GrimmSpeed Subaru Lightweight Battery Mount Kit was designed to be used with the Odyssey PC680 Lightweight Battery, but can also be used with other batteries that share the same height and width. Before purchase be sure to measure your specific battery to make sure it will fit as intended.

Here at NED we will be offering the XS Power D and S series to fit these brackets.

Click here for the D series, and here for S series.

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