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Enkei PF01 18x10.5 5x114.3 15mm Offset 75mm Bore Titanium Gold Wheel - Never Ending Details



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$ 400.34

Made with Enkei’s MAT technology, the PF01 is a light, racer-friendly wheel. The new PF01 is a high quality, lightweight wheel offered at a competitive price. The company's unique roulette pattern is grooved on the rim to reduce the slippage ratio between tire and wheel. The roulette pattern maintains the best condition of the wheel and tire assembly, thus achieving the highest performance during extreme acceleration and deceleration. The roulette pattern was also used for McLaren Mercedes Formula One racing wheels.

Enkei Japan Colors

Take advantage of this Enkei factory painted Japan-only color, which have never been introduced by Enkei on United States soil before. Previously only available in the Land of the Rising Sun, Enkei Japan painted each of these wheels alongside all of their other production wheels just for this batch. As an added relief, each color has been thoroughly tested, and approved by Enkei Japan’s strict quality control including rigorous salt spray tests.

What does that mean for you?

It means a tested, trusted, and treated finish unlike any other. Traditionally these wheels would need to be re-coated by a refinishing company to achieve these types of colors. Typically that means powder coating, which not only requires heating the wheel to a temperature that can compromise the integrity of the construction material, but also the finish is not tested or designed to outlast the elements.


Each of these wheels and its finish has been put through numerous salt spray and stress tests more rigorous than conventional standards. Enkei established its own test standard called “Spec-E,” which is tougher than JWL requirements. Enkei’s Spec-E test setting requires a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles for the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests than JWL standards. The Spec-E represents Enkei’s confidence in its technology and quality of Enkei wheels.

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