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DeatschWerks DW65v In-Tank Fuel Pump: VW/Audi 1.8T - Never Ending Details



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$ 249.00

DeatschWerks has expanded its successful fuel pump range to now cover Volkswagen and Audi 1.8t applications. Brand new for 2014, the DW65v fuel pump is the company's first application specific fuel pump for the Euro market. The DW65v fills a need for a pump that will fit like stock and flow enough to support the higher power ranges the 1.8t is capable of. Solutions up until now were either pumps that only supported limited power levels or pumps that required messy or complicated installation.


Like the rest of the DW65 series of the pumps (DW65c and DW65a), this "v" version flows 265LPH and can support 500hp. The DW65 series of pumps are characterized by their specialty fitment, allowing them to be 100% drop-in fitment for applications that don't take a standard sized fuel pump. The DW65v has the same pick up points as the factory pump and utilizes a identical system to maintain the buckets fuel level, avoiding fuel starvation at low fuel levels or in high cornering.


Just like all DW fuel pumps, every DW65v undergoes multi-point performance testing by a trained technician to ensure high standards. Although this is a labor intensive process, it gives users confidence right out of the box. All DW products come with a 3 year warranty.


Performance Testing Includes 

-Flow at pressures of 40psi, 60psi, 80psi, 100psi 
-Amperage draw at each pressure 
-PRV activation point 
-Check valve function 
-Qualitative observations



Audi A4 - 96-06 (1.8t FWD) 
Audi A6 - 00-04 (1.8t FWD) 
Audi TT - 00-06 (1.8t FWD) 
VW Golf - 99-06 (1.8t) 
Jetta - 99-05 (1.8t) 
Beetle - 98-10 (1.8t) 
Passat - 98-05 (1.8t)

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