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Clutch Masters Audi/ VW- B5/B6 1.8T Clutch Kit - Never Ending Details



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$ 449.10

Clutch Masters FX-series performance clutch/flywheel kits are a direct bolt on replacement for the B5/ B6 chassis. The OEM clutch unit for the B5/B6 1.8T utilizes a smaller 228mm clutch kit, however the Clutch Masters change over kit consists of a larger 240mm setup. The FX-series change over kits feature a light weight single piece Chromoly-Steel flywheel along with all the necessary components for an easy bolt on installation. 

Kits include the following 

-High-Leverage Pressure Plate with Ductile Iron Casting 
-Performance Disc 
-Release Bearing 
-Alignment Tool 
-Pressure Plate bolts 

High-Leverage Pressure Plate 

The Clutch Masters High-Leverage pressure plate provides an increase in clamping force while still maintaining a soft pedal feel. The High-Leverage design reduces the amount of load against the crankshaft, minimizing thrust bearing wear and crank walk. The pressure plate used on 02240 part numbers utilizes a Heavy Duty ductile Iron casting which is a must have due to its strength, reliability and flexibility. The Ductile Iron casting incorporates ferrous alloy with a magnesium treatment, creating a structural alteration of graphite. The graphite creates spherical nodules, which restricts the development of fissures, thereby resulting in increased malleability. The typical OEM pressure plate casting is made of cast iron, which is usually used for engineering and construction structures because of its stability; however, it is not very durable and prone to cracking, and breaking. Structural integrity and durability are very crucial, especially today when torque and horsepower is increased at such a quick rate with the many performance upgrades available in the market. 

Performance Disc 

The performance disc utilized on the 240mm change over kit consists of 4 heavy duty "large" springs to reduce the amount of shock and impact during engagement. The large springs help for a smooth engagement and are more durable compared to a smaller spring design available in today's market. A variety of materials are available to ensure you have the best setup for your application and to best suit your needs. Marcel or "cushion" is also incorporated on Clutch Masters performance disc to reduce chatter and help on engagement. X

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