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AVO Intercooler Top Mount Intercooler - Subaru (WRX, Forester, Legacy) - Never Ending Details



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$ 795.00

AVO's aluminum bar and plate TMIC with cast end tanks was designed specifically to provide the best flow and cooling while bolting up in the factory location. A 440 hp core is used in this design to provide an ideal bolt-on upgrade for stock or upgraded turbochargers.

The standard factory intercooler setup has 3 psi of backpressure which makes your turbocharger work harder, and limits the amount of power that you can make. The AVO Top Mount Intercooler has less than 1 psi of backpressure, unleashing horsepower and response while reducing the load on the turbocharger. The air going into your engine is also cooler, thanks to the free-flow bar and plate design of the much larger intercooler core. This power is found everywhere on the rpm band, making your car much more fun to drive. This intercooler will support up to 440 hp of flow, well within the maximum capability of the OEM turbocharger, and with plenty of headroom for aftermarket turbochargers.

Core Dimensions

Width: 330mm (13 inches)
Length: 260mm (10.23 inches)
Height: 90mm (3.54 inches)

Flow rating: 440hp

Part Number: S1B10M04A002T

Retail: $859.00

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