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ATE PremiumOne Coated Brake Rotor Front 280mm - Nissan (R32 4 Lug) - Never Ending Details



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$ 59.95

Optimally engineered: ATE PremiumOne Disc Brake Rotors

During heavy acceleration, a driver has to depend on bringing the vehicle to a safe stop in critical situations. Achieving maximum braking performance is guaranteed by the ATE PremiumOne Disc Brake Rotors. Its multifunctional infinite loop groove diverts gasses and dirt which could reduce braking performance. Fading is avoided and the life of the brake disc is extended.

Water, dirt and the gases generated during braking can greatly reduce the braking performance of your vehicle. The ATE PremiumOne Disc’s continuous groove diverts these elements. The advantages are: better braking response and the cleaning effect of the continuous groove ensures score free, even wear which increases durability.

Patented RotorLife wear indicator - Helps technicians and vehicle owners gauge rotor thickness at a glance, and notice when they are due for replacement.

The wear indicator's interlaced elliptical grooves are machined into the rotor face at complimentary angles. Groove design enhances dissipation of heat and gases to reduce brake fade, extend pad life, and looks great with cast spoke wheels.

The MetaCote protective coating formulation is cured at approximately 572F. No grease or oil to remove. Helps protect against road salt, brake fluid and other corrosives - sheds water and dirt for clean appearance behind cast spoke wheels. Reduction in overall installation time.

Application specific design is engineered to tighter tolerances than rotors that take a one size fits all approach. Fits and performs like or better than the original equipment it replaces - provides added value and convenience for brake technicians and their customers. No machining needed.

Features and Benefits:

  • Minimal fading. Maximum braking performance due to the revolutionary multifunctional groove
  • Minimal scoring, even under high stress
  • Longer service life
  • Meta Cote anti-corrosion protection
  • Safe braking on wet pavement
  • Shorter installation time. No pre-cleaning needed
  • Wear detection at a glance. No disassembly or measuring required
  • Sporty look, especially with open wheels

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